How To Help Nepal Earthquake Victims By Facebook

April 28, 2015 facebook, Internet


A Natural disaster with 7.8 earthquake that shook the entire Nepal on Saturday morning i.e. 25th April 2015. deeply regrets the loss of lives in Nepal. As a neighbor country , India who came in first to help out the victims, so as the biggest digital social media giant – Facebook.

Facebook has activated a popup screen which says Facebook is giving up to $2 million to match the donations to Nepal.

So Facebook has rolled out a new FB page i.e. to help raising the donation through FB users.

Nepal Donations For Eartquake - April 2015 - FB Page

Nepal Donations For Earthquake – April 2015 – FB Page

This is what FB is showing up – Facebook will join you in supporting relief efforts by donating $2 million to local relief efforts.

Where would the funds will Go From Facebook?

Donation is being sent  to International Medical Corps which is an organisation (to know more visit –

This is the message they have shown on their website-

So far, the death toll is over 3,350 and rising, and 30 out of the 75 districts in Nepal have been affected by the quake. Our emergency response team has been on the ground since April 25 when the quake struck, assessing the damage, delivering critically needed medicines and supplies and mobilizing to provide emergency care to survivors. International Medical Corps is deploying additional staff and resources as quickly as possible to support relief efforts and is operating a Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) in Ghorka near the epicenter and will be expanding our MMUs to reach the hardest-hit.

This is what FB has declared-
100% of your donation will go to International Medical Corps and their work in response to the Nepal earthquake. Facebook will also donate $2 million to local relief efforts. So, clearly it’s not fake!