Rotating LED Disco light Bulb @ Rs 179

September 14, 2015


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Rotating LED Disco light Bulb @ Rs 179

Rotating LED Disco light

Rotating LED Disco light

Is your child’s birthday coming up? If yes, then you can take him to the 70’s and throw him a rad disco light dance party using this DP Rotating LED Bulb. Dim the main lights and dance under the multicoloured lights produced by this bulb.

Rotating Bulb

The bulb features an automatic rotation feature that gives a disco light effect and enlivens the party as the light moves around the room.

Energy Efficient and Durable

You can enjoy the features of this bulb for a long time, as it is made up of plastic, which is durable and safe to use. It saves up to 80% energy, this making it efficient and environmentally friendly.

Uses LED Lights

This bulb is equipped with RGB LED lights which provide a disco effect, thus enhancing the ambience at parties.

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