A Big Open Threat To Google By Flipkart & Myntra

April 18, 2015 e-commerce, Internet

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Flipkart VS Google – This is Online Shopping

Google – That is considered to be the biggest source of traffic & revenue for any e-commerce giant. Flipkart & Myntra which came together as a merger; a few months back, have already planned to kick out Google from being a client.

Want to know how & why Flipkart & Myntra together threatening The Biggest Web Giant- Google? bothwarned Google openly, Will this make Google Die?

A Big Threat To Google By Flipkart & Myntra

Flipkart VS Google – This is Online Shopping

According to the Google official announcements, the biggest source of income for Google is – Google Search. All Online Shopping Sites do advertise on Google on their respective keywords,so that a user can land on a web page & can complete a purchase or a signup. But for that you need a website, What about those – who doesn’t have a website?

If you do not have a website – obviously you would not like to advertise yourself on Google, of course Why would you?

Those are not rumors that Myntra is going to shut down their desktop and mobile site, & will only dependent on their mobile Apps 🙂

Myntra & flipkart have already put down their sites for mobile devices, means you cannot browse mobile/desktop site on your mobile devices, the only way left to shop online (from myntra & flipkart) is App.

Here is the proof – Taken on 19 April 2015

 flipkart mobile site notification message on April 19, 2015

flipkart mobile site notification message


myntra mobile site notification message




So What Next- Will Google Die in Indian Online Space?

What if other e-commerce players like Jabong, Amazon, ebay, Yepme etc start following the same pattern, & stops doing advertising through Google Adwords?

Google can’t give up – The future of web is App & even a kid knows that Android is owned by Google so as play store 🙂 Google has already started showing paid results on Play Store – Here is a screenshot again-

play store paid results

play store sponsored results on #1 (e.g. Amazon Ad)

Currently there is only 1 paid Ad, It could be many more in future, who knows? Well Google can’t go in loss & always find out an alternative when sense some danger around the web.

Web is dynamic so things keeps on changing very frequently. Yesterday we had desktop software’s, today we have got websites, tomorrow we will have apps, & the race will be continued 🙂

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  • vipul April 21, 20159:55 am

    you are right, it is purposely put up together. What ever , the 300 image is looking creative 🙂 This is Sparta, oops sorry – This is Online Shopping 🙂 Google would have screwed up seeing this article.

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