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July 13, 2015 Smart Phones


Based on 902 reviews & 2642 ratings on Flipkart by real users, we are reviewing the best smart phone ever comes in Indian market. First lets have a look at average rating.

Average Rating 4.2 (Based on 2,642 ratings)

  • 5 star 1,419
  • 4 star 815
  • 3 star 152
  • 2 star 61
  • 1 star 195

Lets take a top real review by a user (Srikrishna Nadagouda) with his own opinion after 3 months of use.

#1) Awesome Phone !!!!!!

Purchased this product after trying for Yureka and was in doubt how would this product be as Compared to Yureka.
(Review Based on 3 months usage).

1.Great Battery Life last full day Even if use 3g(7 hours).
2.Very Good display
3.Good Rear and Front Camera !! No Doubt
4.Call quality is excellent
5.4g !!! Booked a tatkal Ticket on irctc in a flash 😉
6.2GB Ram !!
7.Dual Sim and both 4g !!!!
8.Multi User login (cheers to this )
9.Private Contacts, Applications and Gallery (no need of any app lock Software)
10.Smart Cover functionality is awesome . you can receive calls and Change songs with Opening your cover !!
11.With Ultra saving Mode you can run without charging upto 28-30hrs.

1.Little bit Slippery from hands and Cant hold it in One hand if your hands are small.
2.No inbuilt Call recording feature Which we get it in Asus .
3.Low internal memory(This would be the only Concern that many would think to buy Yureka as it Comes with 16Gb and 12.7 user available)
4.No Backlit !!! but its okay we are human beings we get “used too” very easily 😉
5.No headphones you need to buy one
6.Charging takes 2hrs 30 mins approximately
7.No OTG Support as of now.
8 No lolipop OS Update.

Check Another Original Review-

The best phone ever made at this price, I have been using this phone since it launched in india. this is a very good smartphone worth your every paisa .believe me you can’t get better than this at this price.

Don’t think just go for it

1.Great Battery Life last 2 day (average use)
2.Very Good display
3.Good Rear and Front Camera.
4.calling is good
5.4g works fine
6 .2GB Ram phone runs smoothly
7.Dual Sim and both 4g wow

Review credits – Flipkart.com

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