HTC Desire 526G Plus – Reviews With Pros & Cons

June 7, 2015 Smart Phones


HTC Desire 526G Plus – Original Review by a used user

Note: Review is taken from Flipkart ( By Original verified user)

Short Summary Of HTC Desire 526G Plus : Marvelous for the price tag of 10 k (Now at Rs 8999 On Flipkart)
In one word : phenomenal

HTC Desire 526G Plus

HTC Desire 526G Plus

Key Features of HTC Desire 526G Plus

  • 2 MP Secondary Camera
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • 8 MP Primary Camera
  • 11.94 cm TFT LCD Capacitive Touchscreen
  • 1.7 GHz Octa Core Processor
  • Android v4.4 (KitKat) OS
  • Dual Standby Sim (GSM + UMTS)
  • 16 GB Hard-disk
  • Expandable Storage Capacity of 32 GB
  • Available on Flipkart

HTC Desire 526G Plus Pros (Positives):
After seeing a lot of reviews thought that screen might disappoint, as in a review i found out it supports only 2 touch max, thought thats weird and might affect in responsiveness when multi touch. I let my faith in htc for their displays do the job, and hands on, the display is stunning, perfect color reproduction for the price or above, no issues at all, even in gaming.
The speaker is loud and clear, and its mono (bottom front), its a good thing its in front as it will not get muffled.
Though its not SenseUI it is skinned+blinkfeed, additionally there is easymode which old people might prefer.
Though plastic (its 10K man what else can you get 😀 ) , it has a sturdy/solid feel to it.
Now thats where it kills everyone in its price range OR MORE , you can check out benchmark reviews in youtube, and those values (32K antutu) are not bogus, and is completely felt while using, even when the phone is just running in power saving mode (low cpu freq). So no lags at ALL, throw at it anything it doesn’t matter, the low ram of 1GB dont affect performance, may be HTC (or mediatek) knows how to deal with it nicely, disable a few bloats of google and you’ll get a lot of RAM free (though you dont need to 😀 )
6. Camera
Prim:8 and Sec:2 , does job superbly , especially back 8mp cam (no one will argue read reviews across web)
7.Many More like low value SAR (0.9 at head) , 16GB space (12+ free)…

HTC Desire 526G Plus 16 GB

HTC Desire 526G Plus 16 GB

HTC Desire 526G Plus Cons (Negatives)
1. No notification indicator LED : that is the only big con i can find out in this phone.
2. Glossy back panel : Some may feel it bad, as it may be slippery, buy a case and it will be fine.
3. Accessories : Below average headphone : does the job, for the price, but for audiophiles I would definitely recommend to buy a better one. (Dad doesn’t care 😀 )
4. No gorilla glass, only motoG provides that and thats 13k though.
Thats all I bought this after looking through motoG, motoE, huawei holly, asus zenphone, reasons why i regected those
1.Moto G/E: high SAR 1.52 at head, my dad attends a lot of calls, dont want to kill him :D, and skeleton android is not so good skin.
2.Huawei: Good, but as china and as starters in smartphone market (comparatively), am quite sure battery,screen will die fast and i have seen reviews here itself and over web.
3.Asus: Good, but pretty large(than usual 5″ phones), and HIGH value of SAR.
Go ahead buddies, buy it if you’re looking for a phone with a balanced size, good screen, ample space, superior performance, good cam…, from a nice brand too.

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