InFocus M330 Vs Huawei Honor 4x

May 12, 2015 Smart Phones


InFocus M330 Vs Huawei Honor 4x

Comparing InFocus M330 and Huawei Honor 4x with complete reviews, specifications, features, camera,ranking, score. Check the comparison below & decide yourself which phone you should buy. In-Focus M330 is launched in April 2015 in India at a price of Rs. 9,999 exclusively on Snapdeal & Honor 4x is launched in March 2015 exclusively on Flipkart.

honor4x Vs infocus M330

honor4x Vs infocus M330

Compare InFocus M330 To Huawei Honor 4x by Original Review by their original Mobile User

Top Positive Review of InFocus M330 on Snapdeal – 

Awesome Technology

i have purchased on the date of its launch itself, so i m not aware of its features quality. have booked blindly on the day.
every thing is awesome except camera. this company has not proved their statement about camera quality. in advertisement it is every where displayed it is 13 megapixel rear camera and 08 megapixel front camera but actually this camera lens is as good as 2k mobile. i m very depressed of their camera quality, it is worthless. so anyone want to bye this first analyse your requirement what actually u want. if for u camera is not a issue than it is one of the best mobile in this price range. one more place i have been disappointed that during promo ads it was mentioned first 1000 customer will get mobile case through the snapdeal but neither i got that one nor i got any msg regarding that. so for two issue i gave it 4 star.

Top Negative Review of InFocus M330 on Snapdeal-

Good Featured Phone Without Quality Came

Big Screen Android phone waited and purchased. Still to improve a lot in features.

Good design, Large Screen, Fast & no lags, Supports OTG, Good Speed (2MB RAM), Good Storage (16 GB – 12 GB useable ROM), Camera-Gesture Moves, click based on your Sound is a good feature, Increase brightness of video by pushing up & down on the screen, Non-removable Battery, FM, Gorilla Glass, SD Card Storage upto 64GB

1. Bad Battery Backup, 13mp camera pics are like 2mp pics (poor in quality) and 8mp camera pics has same quality.
2. You cannot enlarge videos size.
3. Back cover-Thin Poor Quality Plastic Body.
4. Ear Phone-Bad quality, does not fit to the ears.
5. No upgradation of Lolipop
6. No details of 1000 customers as declared by the Brand
7. No flip cover as it was advertised in their site for first 1000 customers

You will not get flip covers and screen guard in time. No variety of accessories (flip covers, screen guard, head phone, etc.) can be selected as per your choice… only one or two things are given in the site which you have to select. 

For this price this is going to be a good one only if camera quality improves as they promised or they have to mention its original quality (2mp or VGA) in their site. As soon as any new product enters for sale it should also have good collections of accessories along with it and should make available for customers to purchase it including quick deliver of product & accessories. Then no one beat the product… it will become no.1 soon.
Will recommend only if it is as per given specifications.


Top Positive Review of Honor 4x on Flipkart- 

Awesome Phone !!!!!!

Purchased this product after trying for Yureka and was in doubt how would this product be as Compared to Yureka.
(Review Based on 1 day Use)

1.Great Battery Life last full day Even if use 3g(7 hours).
2.Very Good display
3.Good Rear and Front Camera !! No Doubt
4.Call quality is excellent
5.4g !!! Booked a tatkal Ticket on irctc in a flash 😉
6.2GB Ram !!
7.Dual Sim and both 4g !!!!

1.Little bit Slippery from hands and Cant hold it in One hand if your hands are small.
2.No inbuilt Call recording feature Which we get it in Asus .
3.Low internal memory(This would be the only Concern that many would think to buy Yureka as it Comes with 16Gb and 12.7 user available)
4.No Backlit !!! but its okay we are human beings we get “used too” very easily 😉
5.No headphones you need to buy one

Finally “First impression is best impression” and yes it was best !! Will be editing this review after one month again Stay tuned .

4star because of Low internal memory and no headphones !!

Top Negative Review of Honor 4x on Flipkart-

No Accessories Along with Mobile

Flipkart has been doing a crap thing by initially selling the products through registrations. The people who buy the products through these registrations doesn’t get any accessories along with the product. But, the same product after one or two weeks will be sold along with additional accessories for same price.

I have recently bought HONOR 4x mobile through registration channel and the only accessory that I got with the mobile was it’s charger. Now after 12 days when I see the same product on flipkart, it’s offering additional accessories like Headset, Charger, Powerbank and Mobile Cover for the same price.

Seems like Flipkart is fooling the customers by creating a hype through registrations funda. This is a stupid act done by flipkart management. Atleast a headset is a minimum accessory that should be given along with the mobile.

I am so disappointed with this and I really don’t think it’s worth buying on Flipkart anymore.


Conclusion ( Who is the Winner among 4x & M330)-

So the winner here is Honor 4x, the only drawback for 4x is that people have not got the phone accessories along. The phone is awesome in performance and camera. In the other hand M330 lacks in camera quality and little in design and body. The overall winner is Honor 4x Cheers!

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