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June 7, 2015 Smart Phones


As Amazon is facing so many returns for Yureka Mobile Phone due to he heating and the other major issues, & the problem is still continued. Users are saying there are Lots of bugs, & updates are not helping them.  Lots of bugs & heating issues causing returns to the Company.



Review by By Sujit Saha taken on Amazon By a Verified User

  1. Guys I have been using this mobile from more than 1 month. Seriously guys the worst mobile and after sale service I ever seen from this company. PLZ don’t waste your money on that type of cheap mobiles.
    It takes 7-8 hours for 99% charge. Yes only do 99% not 100%. This mobile not charged to 100%.
  2. Battery not charging when u use this phone above 40 degree celcius. And even discharge in 45 mins. Some times it shows 70% after a reboot it shows 3%. Yureka having one more feature it’s also behaves likes a magician.
  3. Its not only hot in looks. Its also the worlds hottest phone. It is only useful in Antarctica or in a refrigerator. Its also useful to make tea’s , do some iron.This phone not made for Indian weather.
  4. Amazon said to me when I m asked the service about this phone.
    Its warranty not covered by amazon. Amazon said we give only 10 days warranty.. Wow guys. Amazon have the world best customer care service I m impressed.. U will also impressed if u will buy yureka from amazon.
  5. And the big thing is that, yureka service center is nowhere in the earth. There is no existence of YUREKA service center yet. I think yureka operating from their services from “MARS”.

Another Review by NEERAJ BANCHHOR taken on Amazon By a Verified User

Found the phone not working on the next day of delivery… home screen not appearing going through endless restarts, power button not working… had to switch off taking the battery out.
Raised complaint with Yureka which offers replacement with refurbished phone (transceiver part only)!!! Moreover it promised 48-72 hrs door-step replacement, however it has been 5th day with no delivery yet.
I’m disappointed, may it happened to me only; …returning it to Amazon for refund.

Another Review by Mohammad Azaz  taken on Amazon By a Verified User

YU really needs to solve the bugs in Yureka phone or they are going to lose their credibility in the market.There is no use of launching a phone with such a great specifications and at such a low price if users cant use it properly due to the software bugs. Couple of issues that I & my friends have faced are listed below (a lot of people are facing these issues, check their FB page):

1) Auto reboot: Getting restart on its own.
2) Battery draining: Battery is getting drain quickly.
3) Headphone not recognized: sometimes it doesnt recognize headphone, music will play in speaker even if earphone is inserted.
4) In call volume: Volume get automatically decreased while on call and it will not increase even by volume rockers.
5) App Crash: Applications gets crashing
6) Google play service: Google play service will stop unexpectedly.
7) Memory Card: sometimes Memory card gets removed automatically, (error: memory card has been unmounted)
8) Elevated root access: sometimes cant copy stuff from one folder to another (error: Elevated root access is required to perform this task)
9) Proximity sensor issue: though solved in Lollipop
10) Blue tinged pics: Pics gets bluish if flash is on.
11) Blurred pics: Pics when zoom while viewing in gallery, gets pixelated
12) Orientation of Pics: Orientation of pics changes automatically, sometimes,if you take pics vertical it will show as horizontal in gallery

List can go much longer as people are facing lots of other bugs after updating to Lollipop. Company must be facing lot of returns, it seems like that it’s a manufacturing bug & company should take it seriously.

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